data-driven &

We believe the way to transform care lies on matching 3 fundamental agents:
+ AI + People.

The correct blending equation enables us to build data driven systems, fed by millions of integrated information, allowing safe and precise personalised decisions, right on time.

we do

we organize and
integrate any given data

We extract, process and organize millions of data, from all different types and origins, integrating them in our Platform.Whether they are structured, free text or images, we manage and drive all your data, from collecting point, automating processes to, thus, build the complete Data Journey.

we transform data on insights
that unleash effective actions

Through data visualisation and distribution techniques, allied with analytics and modelling, we potentiate actionable insights, improving decision making process.

we build and operate predictive
models and processes automatization

By proprietary machine learning and deep learning algorithms, we provide predictions to support clinical and managing decision making, let alone automations that reduce wastage and general paperwork.

products and services

We believe, in order to have quality and scalable care, we need to solve relevant issues, common to most of health care ecosystem.

3778 GO

Data Lake, Data sharing e NLP

3778 GO aims to be an integrating, enrichment, availability and sharing data platform. Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables recover and structure information from free texts, like medical reports and records, besides any other forms of note taking. Generating synthetic data, through Generative Modelling, protects privacy on information sharing among physicians, data scientists and other professionals on the field.

3778 Way

Patient Journey and Population Health

A gathering, manage, visualisation and analytics platform, steered by AI. We integrate data from both external and internal sources of Patient Journey, allowing ongoing learning based on action recommendations linked to desired outcomes.

3778 Moneta

Compensation Models and Receipt Cycle

AI based system, capable os simulate financial risks on shifting from fee-for-service to different payment models (global stay up, pricing packages, bundle, budget, capitation), as well as identify purchase patterns, drug and supply consumption and staff behaviour. It also assists the billing process by predicting disallowance and identifying contract registration errors.

3778 Precision

Decision Making Support

From patient similarity models, we can correlate distinct data dimension and information, what enables preciser decisions as well as better comparison of both expenses and conducts for  group of alike patients. From length of stay and clinical deterioration prediction models, we can support better decision making.

3778 Edu

Education and Research

Change is the only constant. We create new formats and models for professional training and knowledge development aiming conscious use of cutting-edge technologies on healthcare, using data and challenges befitting this sector reality.

A transformational approach to debate health with science and awareness, for executives, healthcare professionals and data scientists. Along with clients and universities, we can, all together, make projects fit for generating knowledge and scientific publications, contributing to the advancement of science.


Projects on demand

With senior professionals on healthcare consulting, design and management, as well as data science excellence team, we develop customized and specific solutions. We contribute to complex problem solving where the use of artificial intelligence actually generates significant additional value for customers. During the process, we identified opportunities for changes and adjustments to infrastructure and architectures, as well as shifting in data-related organizational culture.